When I print the PDF some cards are cut because they don't fit in the sheet (e.g. bottom three cards are cutted). What can I do?
Before pressing the "Print" button make sure you have selected the correct paper size from the select option. Usually this happens when you are printing an A4 sheet in a Letter sheet. Try to change the paper size from A4 to Letter.
Paper size option
When I print the PDF with my printer, the cards' dimension is smaller than real cards. To get an accurate size, I need to scale the whole page 105%. Doing so, I cannot print nine cards per page. What can I do?
This happens when your print options do not specify "100% scale" but something else like "fit to paper" or "fit to printable area". Please set the scale to 100% (1:1).

Here a screenshot from the Google Chrome print window:
Google Chrome print window

Here a screenshot from the MacOSX Preview app print window:
MacOSX preview print window
Here a screenshot from Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows:
Adobe Acrobat Reader for Windows
I see a low-resolution image, what can I do?
Some cards, especially those from older sets are available only in low resolution. Instead, if newly released cards are low quality, just wait a few days, they will be updated with high-resolution images as soon as possible.
How do I print double cards such as "Expansion // Explosion"?
Simply type the name of the card using the double slash // for example "Expansion // Explosion".
How do I print double-sided cards such as "Daybreak Ranger"?
Just enter the name of the front side "Daybreak Ranger" or "Daybreak Ranger // Nightfall Predator". On the app, you will only see the front side, but in the PDF there will be both. At the moment it is not possible to choose which side to print, both sides will always be added in the PDF.
Is it possible to print tokens?
Yes, just write the token name, for example: "Shark".
Is it possible to print emblems?
Of course, just write the name of the emblem, for example: "Chandra, awakened inferno Emblem".
Is it possible to print the back of the card?
Yes, just write "back".
Is it possible to print all the cards of an expansion?
Yes, just write only the set code, for example "eld" (Throne of Eldraine). Only one expansion can be printed at a time. Generating the PDF of an entire set may take several minutes.
What is the "Crop Marks" option for?
The "Crop Marks" option prints marks on corners of the cards to help you to cut them better.
What is the "Cut Lines" option for?
The "Cut Lines" option adds lines between the cards to help you cut them out better.
What is the "Skip Basic Lands" option for?
The "Skip Basic Lands" option does not insert basic lands in the PDF.
What is the "Black corners" option for?
The "Black corners" option does insert squared black corners on the cards. This option is not suitable if you are printing full-art or non-black bordered cards.
What is the "Print decklist" option for?
The "Print decklist" option adds a page to the PDF with a list of the printed cards.
What is the "Playtest watermark" option for?
Wizards of the Coast is not opposed to proxies, but they must be distinguishable from the original cards. That's why you can apply a watermark on the card with the text "Playtest Card".
Is it possible to print cards in other languages than English?
Not at the moment.
Can MTG print be installed as an app?
Yes, it is possible. MTG Print is also a Progressive Web App (PWA). To install MTG Print on a desktop PC click on the icon on the right of the address bar of the browser. To install MTG Print on iOS you need to open it with Safari, press the share button and select "Add to Home Screen".
Install MTG Print as Progressive Web App from Google ChromeInstall MTG Print as Progressive Web App from iOS Safari